SafeConsole’s automatic inventory manager takes away the heat

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It is one thing to make sure your corporate policy clearly states that all of the employees within your organization only make use of USB flash drives that are secured with automatic encryption and strong password strength. It does not take much arm-twisting to make those who set policy understand why it is important for a company to secure its own data by using only USB flash sticks that are protected, as such.
But, is it enough? Is it enough, when it comes to the security, safety and privacy of your corporate or organizational data, to know that your employees are following the guidelines set forth within your corporate policy?
The answer, obviously, is a resounding ‘no.’

The fact is that even if your policy sets stringent rules regarding the sole use of secure USB flash drives, you are still highly vulnerable to the heat that sometimes forces folks out of the kitchen. For example, the employees at your company might all fall in line when it comes to USB policy – but what if an employee was to lose his or her company-issued USB flash drive? (Can you enforce a policy which states that employees should not lose things?)
In the event that an employee loses a USB flash drive, even if it is protected with password strength and automatic encryption, there is going to be an awful lot of heat spreading through the kitchen. Principals will, literally, live in constant fear of the possibility that someone will find the USB drive and find a way to access the information within. Business higher-ups generally have quite enough to worry about, in the first place, before having to deal with the fact that an employee has lost a USB drive that contains sensitive data.

The Easy Solution To A Nerve-Racking Situation

The fallout from a situation like this – especially considering the enormous and increasing number of episodes in which corporate data is lost or stolen via thumb drives – is palpable, and could very well lead to heads on a plate. So you can imagine that this scenario is enough to make all sorts of folks, at all sorts of organizations and enterprises, very nervous. As would you be…unless, of course, you were smart enough to make use of BlockMaster’s SafeConsole USB Management platform.

BlockMaster’s SafeConsole USB Management platform can be used with an array of secure flash drives and – although SafeConsole allows for the application of policy and configuration to the user groups in your Active Directory and can perform an array of high-scope USB management functions – it also serves what is perhaps the most basic and important purpose when it comes to the management of your companies’ USB flash drives: it tells you where they are. SafeConsole not only provides you with the ability to deploy and manage more than 100,000 drives, with complete control, from anywhere in the world – it also (and maybe most importantly, if you don’t happen to appreciate the joys of dire uncertainty) tells you where they flash drives are. SafeConsole provides you with an automatic inventory of all managed USB devices within your network, so you can keep your kitchen nice and cool (even when employees lose or misplace some of your key ingredients).

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