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was the data breach incidents cost for companies per compromised record in 2011 in the United States according to the Ponemon Institute.

of organizations view security as the main cloud adoption concern according to InfoStor.

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Security researchers … (read more…)

Recently a security vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptography library was discovered.

SafeConsole and the SafeConsoleReady Devices are not … (read more…)

BlockMaster’s SafeConsoleReady partner C TWO has released a new exciting product with the SafeXs 3.0 XT. The new secure USB flash drive combines USB … (read more…)


The Heartbleed OpenSSL bug has left the cloud hemorrhaging sensitive data. By utilizing the bug an exclusive group … (read more…)

Recently we have all, thanks to Edward Snowden, become aware of the security issues inherent in software from US companies. The Government of … (read more…)

Industry Opinion that Establishes the Need for ShieldShare

Whenever possible avoid any reliance on cloud providers to protect and appropriately use the keys that protect your critical information… If only you have the keys, only you can access your files.

Source: Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing V3.0 published by the leading industry organization the Cloud Security Alliance.

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