Giesecke & Devrient Secure Flash Solutions builds on the best of smartcard leader G&D’s 150+ years creating confidence and Phison Electronics Corp.’s market leading flash controller knowledge. The SafeToGo line of secure USB flash drives are managed by SafeConsole from BlockMaster.

With SafeToGo® You Are Safe To Go

SafeToGo® from G&D Secure Flash Solutions enables users to keep all the benefits of a USB flash drive, but makes sure that data is always kept secure when the user is on the move. The content of the SafeToGo® drive is hardware-encrypted and password-protected, making it inaccessible to a thief or finder. SafeToGo is also available in a FIPS edition.

SafeToGo SMART - smartcard

The SafeToGo® SMART USB drive contains a smart card and goes the extra mile in securing your data, identity and access. SafeToGo® SMART can be the one device to manage the digital identity and protect data. The smart card inside SafeToGo® SMART enables secure authentication to the internet, to online banking, to a company network or to any other backend system. The user’s identity is verified by “multi-factor authentication”, i.e. by a PIN number (something you know) and by the security certificates inside the USB drive’s smart card (something you have physically). Those certificates cannot be manipulated or forgotten. Multi-factor authentication is also a very secure way to authorize a transaction, e.g. in online banking.

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What Is a SafeConsoleReady Secure USB Flash Drive?

Secure USB Drives - SafeConsoleReady DEVICE
A SafeConsoleReady Secure USB Drive can be managed by the SafeConsole central device management server software. SafeConsole helps organizations achieve compliance with powerful auditing capabillities, assists users with forgotten passwords and much more.

SafeConsoleReady Secure USB Device Core Features

Mandatory Password Protection

Stored data is protected by an enforced password following a strong password policy. Secure password resets are available with SafeConsole for administrators to assist users.

Hardware Encryption of all data

Automatic, full hardware encryption of 100% all data, featuring a single on-board security chip that can’t be bypassed and encrypts all data copied to the drive.

Hardware Brute-Force Protection

Offers true brute-force protection, with a password attempt counter built into the hardware in order to protect against password attacks.

Portable Standalone User-Mode Software

User-friendly software is used to unlock the devices. The software does not require any installation or admin rights.

It Takes Secure Hardware to Achieve Real USB Security

Unsecure USB Drives Spread Malware

The Confickr infection and other malware that spread over the
Sneakernet (download on a USB and walk the infection over to the next machine) remains the most serious malware issue according to Sophos latest 2012 Threat Report. SafeConsoleReady secure USB drives fight malware.

Unsecure USB Drives are Data Leak Tools

The USB drives is the tool of choice for data thieves. It is not only the high profile data leaks and those that have been posted on WikiLeaks that utilize unsecure USB drives to steal data off networks. When IT workers where polled in a survey 60% stated that the USB drive would be the tool of choice. SafeConsoleReady secure USB drives are audited and can be remotely killed by the organization using SafeConsole.

Unsecure USB Drives Cause Data Breaches

71% of USB drives that store business information remains unguarded by passwords or encryption. 65% of people losing USB drives do this without notifying appropriate authorities about the incident. Gartner indicates a strong growth on unsecure USB flash drive sales for years to come which means there will be an influx of potential data breaches. SafeConsoleReady hardware encrypted secure USB drives enforce protection of all stored data.

of unsecure USB drives are lost. 84% are later found by someone else.
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Find Out What Is On Your Network With DeviceDiscovery (Free Tool)

Track the usage of all USB connected removable storage media within your organization with the free command line tool DeviceDiscovery. DeviceDiscovery searches through and generates a report containing all devices used within the entire domain, when they were last used and and on which computers. Included with your SafeConsole Trial.

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