Kingston Digital and BlockMaster in USB Security Partnership

The New Relationship Strengthens Corporate Flash Media Security and Provides Greater Availability of Secure USB Drives

Kingston Digital, Inc., the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc.

Kingston Digital, Inc., the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, announced June 22, 2010 that it will partner with BlockMaster and provide greater availability of centrally managed USB drives, which makes it easier to protect information on-the-move.

SafeConsole Will Manage Even More Secure USB Drives

BlockMaster’s SafeConsole server software already manages more secure USB flash drives than any other USB management software. Future plans include Kingston rolling out a version of its DataTraveler Vault – Privacy Edition that requires management by SafeConsole to activate the drive. This product will be able to address the strictest security requirements of the market, ensuring that the drive will not work unless managed. The launch of this product is scheduled for Q1, 2011. By adding management for secure USB drives you attain additional benefits crucial to any organization going down the route of USB security. You gain full control and visibility and aid everyday usage by enforcing administrator supervision.

What Is SafeConsole Central USB Management?

With SafeConsole you can enable specific extended features of secure USB flash drives, configure password policies, remotely reset passwords, activate audit for compliance and much more. The SafeConsole server software is accessed through a standard Web browser and can optionally reflect the corporate directory or organizational unit structure. Each managed SafeStick securely connects over the Web to the SafeConsole server for configuration updates set to its specific assigned group. Read more about SafeConsole and its benefits here »

Try SafeConsole Today!

You don’t need to wait to try out the prominent SafeConsole USB Management Server Software. Currently SafeStick secure USB drives and as SafeStick SuperSonic, the fastest secure USB flash drive are manageable by SafeConsole. Request a FREE trial of SafeConsole and we will send you a drive to try it out with.

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The Current Product Line Remains and Will Continue to Be Developed

The new partnership does not affect current available BlockMaster product offerings. As the partnership develops, BlockMaster will remain focused on the development and distribution of their SafeStick technology and the management platform SafeConsole; and Kingston will continue to focus on their core competency in this area, the manufacturing and distribution of secure USB drives.

Read the Complete Kingston Press Release »

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