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BlockMaster Jets Ahead With SuperSonic Secure USB Flash Drive


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Release text updated 01/09/09 

Super speed flash drive leaves other USBs in its dust at the Ferrari Maserati racing day
25 August 2009 – London, UK – BlockMaster ( a leading provider of secure removable data devices, today launches SafeStick SuperSonic, which is 5x faster than any other device in the market, enabling users to transfer files and information securely in just a few seconds.
SafeStick SuperSonic was put through its paces at the Ferrari Maserati Racing Day in Sweden on August 22nd, where BlockMaster zoomed around the track at speeds of up to 180 mph. SuperSonic was tagged on the fastest supercars in the world such as the Maserati MC12 FIA GT to mark the release of BlockMaster’s technological invention, which takes USB speeds to the max and AES256 hardware encryption further than it has ever gone before.
SafeStick SuperSonic revs up to 23Mbyte/s for write and 33Mbyte/s for read, providing lightening speed transfer of files. This move is designed to support the huge growth in rich media files, such as images and videos, being transferred onto USB flash drives for business use. It only takes between three and 15 seconds to load, jetting ahead of competitive devices, which take up to a minute to load every time they are plugged in.
Anders Pettersson, CSO, at BlockMaster said: “Unsecure portable devices are still being used as other more secure devices are often slugglish, which impacts user productivity. This means users just ‘take their chances,’ no matter what the corporate security policy says. SafeStick solves this problem as it provides access to files within seconds, so there is no hassle for the user and productivity levels remain high. 
“The benchmark tests of SafeStick SuperSonic against other devices in the market shows it is the speed leader for data transfers. This combined with the optimised initialisation speeds makes it the super sports car of the USB world, combined with the protection of an army tank.”
SuperSonic is aggressively priced at £85 for a 4GB stick and £133 for an 8GB stick and available immediately. It comes with all the security of a standard SafeStick, including:
-       Instantly secure portable data with always-on automatic hardware AES 256 CBC encryption 
-       Easy setup, flexible self-service deployment for larger organisations 
-       Tough and built to last metal exterior with epoxy potted tamper safe components inside
-       Fastest start-up times and the best flash storage components 
-       Lock down if left behind using a adjustable timer lock
The device can be easily managed through SafeConsole, a web based management solution for managing, auditing, pushing files to, resetting passwords, and applying custom policies to all of an organisation’s SafeSticks wherever they are used around the world.
To get your hands on a 4GB SuperSonic SafeStick, please tweet #SuperSonic as many times as you like. You will be contacted at the start of September if you are one of the five lucky winners.
Alternatively if you’d like to get your hands on a 4GB or 8GB review unit, please contact [email protected].
About BlockMaster
BlockMaster provides complete control of portable data. From SafeStick, the smallest, fastest and most secure USB drive in the world, to SafeConsole, its enterprise class life-cycle management tool, BlockMaster is the first choice for organisations wishing to get their business information locked, loaded and on-the-move in seconds.
Available worldwide through distribution in over 40 countries, BlockMaster is trusted to support the USB security needs of Fortune 500 businesses, government agencies and emergency services. Capable of securing up to 64 GB of data, SafeStick® offers mandatory password protection and always-on encryption of all stored data. Easy to deploy, its unique SafeConsole® allows administrators to track, manage and enforce acceptable use policy for every single drive, anywhere in the world.
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