SafeStick SuperSonic Edition

The World’s Fastest USB Flash Drive. Of Course It Is Secure.

SafeStick SuperSonic is the ultra-fast speed edition of the proven SafeStick technology. SuperSonic shares all the proven security features of the standard edition and is a technological breakthrough that takes USB speed to the max. AES256 hardware encryption has never before pushed the limits like this. This move is designed to support the huge growth in rich media files, such as images and videos, being transferred onto USB flash drives for business use.

Combining military-grade encryption with plug and play simplicity, BlockMaster’s SafeStick is the smallest, fastest and most secure USB drive in the world. Password-protected and capable of securing up to 64GB of data, you can eliminate risk and get your business critical information locked, loaded and on-the-move in seconds. SafeStick SuperSonic is available in 4GB and 8GB sizes.

SuperSonic is provided at a cost-efficient but higher price than the standard SafeStick edition. SafeStick has almost the same quick start-up times. More information on SafeStick Standard edition here.

The additional laser engraving of SuperSonic tells you that you are looking at the worlds fastest secure USB flash drive. SuperSonic is gifted with the same rugged exterior as the SafeStick standard edition.

How Fast Is SafeStick SuperSonic?

At the August 2009 release of SafeStick SuperSonic world record speeds where measured in independent labs. BlockMaster’s commitment is to maintain the number one speed position.

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The Secure USB Flash Drives with the Fastest Start-up Times

Just as the standard edition of SafeStick the SuperSonic edition only takes between three and 15 seconds to load, jetting ahead of all competitive devices, some which take up to a minute to load every time they are plugged in.

The Overall USB Flash Drive Speed Leader

Achieving the highest USB speed transfers is truly a technological arms race. The name SuperSonic marks a new step in the development as a barrier has been transcended pushing the possibillities of USB 2.0 to the absolute limits.

SafeStick SuperSonic revs up to 23Mbyte/s for write and 33Mbyte/s for read, providing lightning speed transfers of files.

SafeStick SuperSonic was put through its paces at the Ferrari Maserati Racing Day on August 22nd, where BlockMaster zoomed around the track at speeds of up to 180 mph. SuperSonic was tagged on the fastest supercars in the world such as the Maserati MC12 FIA GT to mark the release of BlockMaster’s technological invention, which takes USB speeds to the max and AES256 hardware encryption further than it has ever gone before.

Ferrari Maserati Racing Day Product Launch Wallpapers

SuperSonic Introduction - Racing Video

Catching a Ride With a Ferrari F430 Scuderia - Get the SuperSonic Feeling. Turn on your speakers to hear a powerful engine at work!

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