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Switch to managed, secure USB drives, start protecting your data.

SafeStick encrypts and password protects your portable data.
SafeConsole lets you manage and control your secure USB drives.

SafeStick provides mandatory password protection and automatic hardware encryption of all stored data. SafeStick drives can be managed world-wide on an enterprise scale with the lightweight SafeConsole® management software offering full control, remote life-cycle management and device enhancement, with such features as remote password recovery, customised password policy, audit for compliance, portable authentication tokens, productivity tools.

Eliminate the risk of data lost on USB memory sticks

By 2008, the sales of USB memory sticks exceeded 155 million devices. 22% of those were for pure business use according to Gartner analysts. The figure is rising due to the convenience and value provided by USB-attached storage.The standard company-issue USB drive stores 2GB of data and as revealed in a security consultancy report in 2006, two-thirds of staff reported to have at some time mislaid their USB drives.

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Features and Benefits with SafeStick
SafeStick is a secure USB drive that features automatic encryption and mandatory password protection. SafeStick can optionally be managed with SafeConsole.
Screenshots and Pictures
Screenshots from SafeStick and SafeConsole and also pictures of the exterior of SafeStick. The slim and strong metal exterior meets the requirements of the toughest criterias.
SafeStick is available in 46 countries world wide and is trusted to serve the versatile security needs of Fortune Global 500 businesses, head of states, schools, non-profit organisations, government agencies, police and military.