New Features and Benefits

New Major Release November 2013

Words from the Developers

  • All features are available on Mac and the user experience is beautiful.
  • We are excited about our first release with our new cross-plattform user interface. Future development will be quicker and easier.
  • We are collaborating with encrypted files using ShieldShare. It is drag-and-drop easy and Fort Knox-secure. You hold the key!
  • Also check out the new manual which is now available in HTML and PDF, the answer to all your questions (almost)

SafeConsole 4.7 Highlights

Backup Securely to the Cloud

Now it is possible to backup your secure USB drives from any Internet connected computer. All data is encrypted prior to being synced and the storage server can be placed on any Windows machine.

Build a Digital Fence with ZoneRestrictor

Setup a digital fence around the managed secure USB drives. With this you can limit usage only to company machines and much more.

Share files securely with ShieldShare

Now out of beta mode - Client side encrypted secure file sharing from secure USB drives to desktops.

Collect User Data from the device to Server

Collect information from device users and sort, search and report based on this information.

  • Improved reporting with readily available XML of which device belongs to what user.
  • There is also a new improved manual and the installation process has been fine tuned.
  • SafeConsole 4.7 supports all current SafeConsole capable device software versions but the feature set will differ. See the release notes for details.

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SafeConsoleReady Device Software 4.7 Highlights

  • Available on select new devices and for customers (compatible devices) with an active SafeConsole license.
  • Cross-platform UI offering the same user experience on both Windows and Mac.
  • All features available on Mac
  • Full ShieldShare support on Windows and Mac, Desktop and Secure USB
  • Windows 8 support
  • Improved backup including Cloud Backup - requires SafeConsole 4.7 with ShieldShare Storage Engine installed (included in SafeConsole license).

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ShieldShare 4.7 Highlights

  • Enabled secure file sharing between Mac and Windows desktops and secure USB drives.
  • Improved capacity of Storage Engine
  • Deployment with 200.000+ files and 10TB+ completed successfully

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