Features and Benefits

SafeStick® the Original Secure USB Drive

Transparent AES256 Hardware Encryption

The SafeStick® microprocessor uses the AES256 algorithm to transparently encrypt all information being stored. Communications are encrypted with RSA1024. For the end user, SafeStick functions just like a normal USB flash drive once it is unlocked.

High-Quality Storage

SafeStick uses the highest quality NAND flash available on the market. The data-handling algorithm (ECC) on SafeStick ensures that transfer speeds are high and that accuracy and lifespan of stored data is maximized.

Starts Quickly

When SafeStick is inserted, it is recognized by the host computer. SafeStick is twice as fast as the competition on the first insert, three times as fast on the second insert (9 seconds on a reference system).

Timer Lockdown

Memory sticks are often forgotten and left inserted in a computer. With SafeStick, a reminder will alert the user if the drive is still inserted upon logout. SafeStick also locks itself if left in a computer when there is no user activity for preset number of minutes.

No Installation Needed, No Admin Rights Required

SafeStick requires no software installation, nor admin rights in order to work.

Select Features Provided with SafeConsole®

Users are treated to a host of features and benefits when managing SafeStick® drives with SafeConsole®

  • The ability to enforce password policy and configuration changes on  all SafeStick drives in your organisation.
  • Secure and prompt password recovery, allowing the user to get back  to work in just minutes.
  • Factory resets or disables of lost drives over the Internet leave nothing to chance.
  • Self-service automatic coupling and listing of each user and his or her unique SafeStick drive. Integrated with Active Directory.
  • The ability to heighten user acceptance and enhance productivity via optional automatic unlock of SafeStick on trusted accounts.
  • One-click log-in from SafeStick to configurable web services such as Outlook Web Access (OWA), webmail or intranet.
  • Secure and central deployment of content and applications; this feature works with MokaFive, PortableApps, Ceedo, VMware and also Two-Factor Authentication software tokens (Deepnet).
  • A “return to owner” display message on lost SafeStick® drives; recovered SafeStick® drives that are inserted into the correct useraccount are automatically “found,” thus lowering administrative costs.
  • The ability to couple a SafeStick® with a new user after a reset, making it possible to recycle drives within the organisation

Technical Specifications

Hardware Encryption

AES256 algorithm (256-bit AES is the square of the strength of 128-bit). RSA1024 protected communication.

Available SafeStick Storage Sizes

1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. 64GB is provided with a slightly larger exterior.

Measurements and Weight
SafeStick® is compact and robust. It fits even where port space is scarce.
9 grams ( 0.32oz.), 56 X 18 X 6 mm

CE, FCC, USB 2.0(1.1 comp.), RoHs.

SafeStick Requirements

Fully compatible with Windows Vista, XP 2000SP4 and Windows VMware virtualization (Linux, Mac OS X).

SafeConsole Requirements

2GB RAM on server. Windows or Linux.
Users must belong to a domain.
Client computers must have access to SafeConsole server.
Up-to-date web browser to access SafeConsole interface.