SafeConsole Streamlines Password Management


Organisations using SafeStick with SafeConsole saves costs on password resets. SafeConsole features ZoneBuilder and Remote Password Recovery streamlines password management. If ZoneBuilder is deployed through SafeConsole to users they are able to reset their own passwords in the most efficient manner ever seen. Once the user is authenticated to the user account ZoneBuilder can be configured to reset the SafeStick password if it detects that the user has previously entered faulty passwords. Just plug the SafeStick in and no further user action is needed, only to choose a new password. For Remote Password Resets the SafeConsole features a simplistic IT staff interface that is protected against social engineering. The end-user can call, e-mail or SMS a request and perform a quick challenge-response procedure typically below two minutes including user verification. No data is lost during the SafeStick password resets and the highest level of productivity and security is maintained.

Offering a simplistic yet secure password reset option is paramount when offering a secure USB drive. According to a Gartner study password resets can cost companies up to up to $18 (£12.35) per call, costs that quickly add up in a large organisation. The cost for not getting access to data is of course more significant as it is also often time critical. The BlockMaster solution will combat costs and give access to mission critical data on time by aiding IT staff to offer a swift self-service option and a secure remote password reset.

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