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BlockMaster consists of a multifaceted group of people – all with different areas of expertise and special interests. Our Blog exists to give you access to the musings of BlockMaster innovators, and grant you the opportunity to pick their brains.

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Knowledge Shared is Knowledge Gained

That “knowledge shared is knowledge gained” is something BlockMaster firmly believes in. Our logo is called The Enlightened Human, and is at the center of what we do. Enlightenment for both our customers and ourselves is what we strive for, and that is the foundation of our organization.

Illuminating Security.. and Beyond

Our Blog will navigate you through the news of the security industry, inform about interesting technology, showcase smart solutions, and everything beyond… Welcome to BlockMaster’s view on the world.

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BlockMaster provides complete control of portable data. Its unique, easy-to-deploy SafeConsole allows administrators to track, manage and enforce policy for managed secure USB drives anywhere in the world. SafeConsoleReady devices protect all stored data. The solution is available worldwide and trusted to serve the versatile security needs of enterprise and government customers.

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