Anders Kjellander

Chief Security Officer, CISSP, Co-founder of BlockMaster

The creation of the BlockMaster products SafeStick and SafeConsole along with the technical partnerships that have taken place since the company start in 2004 means that Anders knows just about everything worth, and not worth, knowing about centrally managed secure USB drives and also a bit about most surrounding topics.

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Johan Söderström

Chief Technology Officer, Co-founder of BlockMaster

With more than 10 years of experience in security and encryption technology, Johan headed the technical achievements that created the first USB drive with mandatory password protection, SafeStick. Johan has in-depth technical knowledge of all BlockMaster products and partnerships.

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Kurt Lennartsson

Vice President of OEM Development, CISSP, BlockMaster Security, Inc.

More than 20 years of experience in the security industry including co-founding Pointsec Mobile Technology Inc., a leader in the disk encryption security space. Prior to his engagement with BlockMaster Security, Kurt was CTO of Mobile Armor, a leading provider of security solutions to the U.S. Army (acquired by TrendMicro in Feb 2011).

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