Curiosity is the real killer, and puts your data at major risk

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What we should really learn from recent USB ‘drive-by dropping’ episodes is that people with piqued curiosities – even good, honest, tax-paying folks – will not hesitate to commandeer, inspect and thereby compromise the security of your confidential data if it can be easily accessed via a USB flash drive…

How to Rely on USB Drives Without the Risk of Misuse

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Last week, Anders wrote about the survey conducted on the heels of the T-Mobile breach.  It has produced some interesting insight into the way in which people think of USB drives.

Massive 500.000+ USB Data Breach Records Rocks Mobile Giant

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Telecom provider T-Mobile has been hit by a massive data breach from an insider attack.  The attacker relied on a USB drive to steal information that he then resold to a competing firm.

Catastrophic 40 million dollar USB drive data breach in Canada

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The Durham region in Canada is being sued for 40 million dollars for data lost on an unencrypted USB flash drive. The lost unsecure USB

Unsecure USB Drive Expose Military Records

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Another incident can be added to the list of sensitive records lost on unsecure USB storage devices. In this case an old MP3-player was sold in the US, and apparently it had been used to store classified information in Afghanistan.

Lack of Password Management Exposes 6000 Prisoners Details

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In January 2009, it was reported that personal medical records of over 6000 prisoners and ex-inmates of Her Majesty’s Prison Preston, Lancashire, were exposed with the loss of a USB drive.