Governments Lack In Protecting Portable Citizen Information

The hot topic during the government funded Privacy Awareness Week in Australia was portable storage devices. The Privacy Commissioner issued a statement to all government agencies to switch to secure USB sticks. At the same time a report with staggering statistics on portable security was released. Policies are left in the drawer to gather dust Over two-thirds of the agencies in the study had policies in place regarding portable storage security... [Read More...]

SafeStick Features Conficker Killer and Anti-malware

FEATURE SPOTLIGHT Prevent conficker autorun, malware infection. viruses and trojans from spreading over USB into your networks with SafeStick features Authorized Autorun and File Blocker. Problem Conficker has highlighted the danger of standard removable USB sticks. Conficker implants a malicious autorun.inf on removable media as one modus operandum. Any software encryption or protection of the drive will go lost in the process as the Conficker infection... [Read More...]

Edinburgh incident puts further focus on the USB security problem

Following up on the breach in Edinburgh just days ago Daniel Östner, CEO at BlockMaster commented on the urgency of the USB problem in SC Magazine and Computer Weekly. Östner continued: “This USB problem is one of the most urgent matters for IT departments. That is a statement of fact as 33% of IT staff place it at the top of their agenda. Losing intellectual property on an open, unsecured USB flash drive could be disastrous for any organisation.... [Read More...]