We are BlockMaster!

BlockMaster is a software company, experts in USB security and management.

USB drives have been popular for storing and moving data ever since Trek Technology introduced the "ThumbDrive" and IBM introduced the "DiskOnKey" to the market in 2000. Technology has evolved quickly over the years, and the threat landscape along with it. USB drives are now an essential working-tool for anyone that uses a computer. Carrying data around on a stick soon became an issue for organizations that wanted to keep their information to themselves.

BlockMaster was founded on the belief that the average employee follows the path of least resistance in his attempt to get work done efficiently. In 2004, the first SafeStick saw light of day. Never before was the password protection mandatory, and organizations were rest assured that their information was kept safe. Ever since, BlockMaster has focused on simplifying and strengthening USB security for business across the world. We pioneered new approaches to accessing, managing, and interacting with hardware-encrypted USB flash drives. Our SafeConsole remote management platform is recognized as a groundbreaking solution. Combined with a relentless focus on security, usability and ROI, it’s no wonder tens of thousands of companies and government agencies in over 70 countries use BlockMaster solutions.

Secure USB drives designed to be used.