The world's most secure USB drives

Everything you need to be truly protected

Your portable data is no longer at risk

There is a 66 % risk of misplacing an unsecure USB drive. If your unsecured drive is lost, there is no way to get the data on it back, or protect it from an unwanted finder. With SafeStick, even if lost, your data is always secure. Password-protected, military-grade encrypted and capable of securing up to 128GB of data, SafeConsoleReady Devices can help you eliminate the risk of data breach. Learn more about how to solve the USB problem in our Whitepaper »

security becomes a convenience

SafeConsoleReady Devices also make flexible working easy, getting your business-critical information locked, loaded and on the move in seconds – with the best flash storage components for the fastest startup times! It works both on a PC and a Mac.

Why Choose a SafeConsoleReady Device?

There are many reasons for using SafeConsoleReady as your secure USB flash drive solution:

  • Instantly secure - automatic AES256 hardware encryption
  • Designed for the best usability
  • Strong metal exterior
  • Fastest startup times
  • Locks down if left behind
  • Manageable on an enterprise scale with SafeConsole
  • Plug-and-play - requires no software installation, nor admin rights in order to work

AES 256-bit Hardware Encryption in CBC-mode

Protecting your data is as easy as drag-and-drop.

Military-grade encryption

A SafeConsoleReady Device provides automatic, full hardware encryption of all data, featuring a single on-board security chip, that can’t be bypassed, and encrypts all data copied to the drive with AES256 in CBC-mode. CBC-mode is far superior to ECB-mode, which does not hide data patterns that well.

Unique randomly generated keys

Encryption keys are randomly generated on-board (using ANSI X9.31 RNG) at user setup, leaving no back door. All communications are encrypted as well.

Mandatory password protection

Can you trust anyone to decide which files are sensitive and which are not? We think all work files should be considered sensitive!

100% protected with mandatory password

The always-on password is the only thing that can give access to the data you store on your secure device. There is no master password and no back-door that can access the sensitive information. A SafeConsoleReady Device protects itself from brute-force password attacks by automatically destroying data after 19 failed login attempts.

Recovery of lost passwords

There is no way to access your data on a SafeConsoleReady Device without the correct password. However, by installing the management software SafeConsole on your network you can recover lost passwords with the help of your IT help desk using a simple challenge-response method. Go to to learn more about how this works »

Inactivity Lock

Have you ever walked away from your USB drive inserted in a computer?

Locks when left behind

When you've unlocked your SafeConsoleReady Device, you are granted access to all stored files. A timer will automatically lock the device if it has been inactive during a configurable number of minutes. This makes sure your data can not be accessed by any next user of a computer where the secure USB drive is left unattended.

Hardware Brute-Force Protection

Not open for machine hacking attempts

Security in the hardware

True brute-force protection with password attempt counter built into the hardware. SafeConsoleReady Devices are also equipped with a user alert system that tracks faulty unlock attempts, making the solution aware of social-engineered attacks.

Onboard Autorun Malware Protection

Protect your USB drives and your network from viruses and trojans.

Autorun prevention chokes viruses

To prevent the spreading of autorun malware SafeConsoleReady Devices always overwrite the autorun.inf files stored on the encrypted storage volume, which chokes the effect of viruses such as Conficker. The unique technology relieves the user in protecting the device from becoming a liability and prevents Conficker autorun, malware infection, viruses and trojans from spreading via USB into your networks.

Total Reset

As good as new again

If the chosen password is forgotten, the SafeConsoleReady Device can be wiped clean and reset to factory settings, giving the user a chance to choose a new strong password. This procedure will, of course, erase all stored data.

Reuse your old drives for new employees

Make sure you make the most of your investment and re-issue the SafeConsoleReady Device from former employees to newcomers. When your portfolio of secure USB drives are connected to SafeConsole management you get automatic inventory of used drives, which can help you recycle unused drives. Go to to learn more about how easy-to use and how cost-effective USB management is for you »

Technical Information


The encryption is totally transparent, and no software installation or administrative privileges are needed. Simply plug it in, enter your strong user-definable password and start using it.


SafeConsoleReady means the drives can be managed on an enterprise scale with SafeConsole USB Management Solution.


SafeStick supports 12 of the most widely used languages including, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japaneese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.


Vary with manufacturers.