SafeConsoleReady Programs

The SafeConsole ecosystem is filled with SafeConsoleReady technology partners that have ensured that their products work perfectly with SafeConsole. When certified by BlockMaster, these products are deemed SafeConsoleReady, and customers can tell at a glance that a product is a perfect fit. The purposes of the SafeConsoleReady program are to create value for customers and to display the possibilities that present themselves with a great device management platform.

SafeConsoleReady products are supplied mainly through the channel of our technology partner’s choice. The SafeConsoleReady partner bears the responsibility for fulfillment and specific support of its component.

Currently there are three product categories within the SafeConsoleReady program:

SafeConsoleReady DEVICE

A SafeConsoleReady Device is under SafeConsole management control out of the box or can be put under SafeConsole management control. These managed secure USB devices are the next generation of USB storage and are often called “smart USB drives” because they can act as laptop replacements that run virtual desktops and also provide the level of security that today’s threat landscape demands.

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A SafeConsoleReady Application can be deployed from SafeConsole directly onto SafeConsoleReady Devices over the Internet or a local area network. SafeConsoleReady Applications can then run directly off those devices without leaving traces on the local machine or requiring local administrator rights.

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SafeConsoleReady SERVERS

A server that is SafeConsoleReady can interact directly with the SafeConsole server, enabling that system to get authenticated access to perform SafeConsole tasks.