Millions of USB drives are lost every year - don’t let your data get out of your hands.

By managing your secure USB drives with SafeConsole, you will never lose all those work-hours spent on the content of the drives. The Backup feature in SafeConsole makes sure that all your files are securely stored, ready to be recovered on a new drive, whenever you need them.

Restoring lost or accidentally overwritten data is easily done, thanks to the continuous incremental backup performed by SafeConsole, a transparent procedure that doesn’t affect the user’s everyday work. An administrator sends the drive’s backup and settings to the end-user, demanding no more action than to plug in the SafeConsoleReady device into their machine.

Never again do you have to worry about sensitive information getting into the wrong hands; SafeConsole can remotely reset lost devices, destroying all stored data. This is also a useful way to protect information from being accessed by former employees.

Lost drives are easily managed in the Device Overview, where an authorized administrator can set the device state to “killed”, “disabled” or “lost”. This feature can also be set to handle states on autopilot, saving both time and costs associated with handling lost devices.

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Avoid humiliating and stressful situations by making sure that your users can access mission-critical data in seconds.

When in a meeting and about to hold an important sales presentation, the risk of a black-out is higher than you think. If a user forgets the chosen password for accessing his secure USB drive, this normally means that data is lost forever, the presentation is ruined and you might not get more chances to impress your would-be customer. But by managing your secure USB drive with SafeConsole a remote administrator can help the forgetful user regain access of the drives' content in seconds.

A user with a SafeConsoleReady Device that has Remote Password Recovery activated from SafeConsole can call up his SafeConsole administrator and get the help he needs. This challenge response method can be done over the phone or by e-mail.

Not only is it a fast procedure, it’s also far superior in terms of security compared to solutions using a master password or an image file depicting the password, such as a CAPTCHA-image. A master password solution takes the risk of unauthorized users gaining control over that password, thus getting access to the organization’s drives. Sending out a mail with the forgotten password depicted in CAPTCHA-image is not much more secure then sending it out as plain text. CAPTCHA is a way of separating humans from artificial intelligence to reduce spam etc., not to provide a layer of security between two humans. This solution means that the user’s password is stored somewhere, and could be requested by mail from the user’s computer by anyone. SafeConsole, on the other hand, uses a short 8-character recovery code (with the security of a 128-character code using a pre-buffer method) that allows the user to get back to business in a matter of minutes. Completely secure, without losing any data.

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Make sure the right people have the right documents.

Sending e-mails has since long been an effective way of distributing information – so convenient in fact that the medium has become over-used. Today we face the problem of getting through the noise of every piece of information and making sure that it is the latest version of a document that is being used, and not a 3-month-old draft. SafeConsole enables you to distribute, update and remove files and applications, remotely, on all SafeConsoleReady Devices.


Take advantage of the security in a hardware encrypted USB drive by distributing sensitive material directly to the user. SafeConsole Publisher allows you to securely send out files to specified drives, using two way certificate based SSL authentication, making it the ideal way to send files to a remote workforce. This will make sure they’re always updated with the latest price-lists, sales presentations, whitepapers, etc. In the case of a rebranding or venture, this would be an efficient way of swopping the corporate document templates and making them accessible to all employees.


Administrators can easily deploy new software to SafeConsoleReady Devices even when they are in the field. This is a cost-efficient way to deploy useful work-tools to mobile workers, and enables you to make full use of the technology developments of remote worker software, including portable VPN and virtualization software. The full range of portable applications, such as Firefox Portable, Skype Portable etc., can run directly from the USB drives. With a virtualization engine deployed to the drive you can even run full-scale software, such as Microsoft Office, securely from the drives. This makes your secure USB into an extremely useful tool, since you always have the necessary applications with you, wherever you go.


Using Publisher to send files is also perfect for getting top-secret documents to a supplier or partner. Just send them an empty, managed drive, and then distribute the content when the device has arrived securely in the right hands. Since the communication is secure, this is a more secure way of sending files than e-mail or by post, and if the drive is lost on the way, there is absolutely zero risk of information being compromised. All files in transit are compressed to improve installation and transfer times, which essentially minimizes bandwidth usage.

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