Institutional USB Awareness Increasing, But Not Quite There…

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Encrypted flash drives are just a piece of the USB management puzzle. To ensure granular protection of every ‘piece’ within your USB management puzzle, you need the peace offered by SafeConsole.

In response to the growing number of data breaches that occur every week as a result of a lost or stolen USB flash drive, more and more organizations are starting to develop a better understanding when it comes to the need for enhanced USB management and security. Hospitals, for instance, seeing the inordinate amount of scenarios in which patient data is compromised as result of a stolen or lost flash drive, are starting to, en masse, make new policies that call for the exclusive institutional use of encrypted USB flash drives.

To invest in such technology, hospital administrators are beginning to understand, is to invest in improved patient security and confidentiality; it is, essentially, to pay a premium, now, to avoid having to answer questions, later, such as: ‘How is it, sir, that your institution lost the personal information of 10,000 patients?’

We certainly are glad that the message of USB security (which is a big part of our mission with SafeConsole) is being spread, and to see that organizations are beginning to see the light of day when it comes to the use of encrypted USB flash drives. Our SafeConsole USB management system does, after all, support a wide line of encrypted flash drives offered by the likes of Kingston, Giesecke & Devrient, and CMS Products. Furthermore, USB flash drives that are SafeConsoleReady do not just feature standard ‘encryption.’ We are well past that… All SafeConsoleReady devices provide MILITARY-GRADE, fully automatic and transparent hardware encryption of all data, and feature a single on-board security chip that cannot be bypassed. On top of that, SafeConsoleReady devices feature strong password protection.

So, yes. We are thrilled to see that institutions are increasing their demand for USB devices that provide security and safety. And, yet, we can’t stress enough that to simply invest in a few cases of encrypted flash drives is not even close to enough…

If a USB management system, such as SafeConsole, is a comprehensive method of ensuring institutional safety and protecting the sensitive information of clients, employees, patients, and co-workers; then a USB flash drive is simply a piece of the puzzle. A big piece; but a piece nonetheless…

If you work within a hospital, or a federal institution, or any other workplace that faces the always-difficult of protecting confidential, institutional, or personal information, or private data, then you know firsthand what kind of toll a data breach can take, and you know just how hard and frustrating it can be to prevent such data breaches (especially in this day and age of digital malice, and employee negligence).

Do yourself a favor. Go to your higher-ups, and show them you care. Tell them USB flash drives with standard encryption are not enough…tell them about SafeConsole USB Management.

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