BlockMaster’s new SafeStick FIPS flash drive gives you everything AND the girl

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There was a popular English rock band in the 80’s called “Everything But the Girl.” It seems that, right now, in the world of USB flash drives, the going rate is “Everything but the need.”
Folks around the globe – from Bangladesh to Burbank to Beijing – are spending, literally, millions of dollars on flash drives that come souped-up with any and all of the works. When it comes to bells and whistles for flash drives, trend-setters, techies, and enthusiasts of all kinds are certainly being spared the pain and embarrassment of ever having to whip out a (yawn) boring flash drive.
Let’s see…You can get a flash drive shaped like Darth Vader; a Swiss Army knife flash drive; an Iron Man helmet flash drive; ‘chameleon’ flash drives with heat sensitive exteriors that can change their patterns; flash drives shaped like Mini Coopers; a Justin Bieber flash drive; Lego flash drives; Bruce Lee flash drives (keee-yah!); cuff link flash drives; gang sign flash drives; chainsaw flash drives (for zombie fans); silver-plated flash drives; hand grenade flash drives…It really won’t surprise me when someone out there claims to have created a flash drive that brews espresso (and cures acne)…

Everything but the need…indeed.

Here’s the thing, though…Whether you are a corporate CEO, a hospital IT administrator, a championship gamer from Myanmar, a Dartmouth MBA, or a disconnected surfer kid from Fresno, there is really only one thing that truly matters about the flash drive you’re carrying around in your pocket. That is; the ability (or, in the case of all those mentioned above, the inability) of said flash drive to keep your personal, private and confidential information safe and secure at all times.
Is your Justin Bieber drive going to let you down? (Yes. Yes it is.)

Focus On Substance

We’re not going to single you out and admonish you for carrying around the Justin Bieber flash drive in your pocket (it takes all kinds); but the sad fact is that your Bieber drive is going to let you down, in a big bad way. You’re probably going to lose him; he’s not going to protect your personal information when he ends up in the wrong hands; he’s never going to come back to you…
There’s nothing wrong with style, people, but here at BlockMaster we understand that style alone can leave you feeling more than empty; which is why we put our primary focus on substance. We are the developers of some of the world’s most popular solutions for protecting portable data. Our industry-leading SafeConsole central management system is paving the way for a whole new approach to USB safety and security, and our flash drives (while not able to sing “Twist and Shout”) feature innovations that work to keep your information safe through password-strength protection and automatic encryption.

Our SafeStick flash drive was the original secure USB drive (and the owner of the CESG Claims Tested Mark), and our SafeStick SuperSonic features the same password-strength protection and automatic encryption in an ultra-fast edition. (It is, in fact, a speed champion – featuring the fastest flash on the market.) And now, we are pleased to announce the arrival of the newest member of the SafeStick family, the SafeStick FIPS.

SafeStick FIPS: Features That Matter

The new SafeStick FIPS combines military-grade encryption with true plug-and-play simplicity and is essentially the smallest, fastest and most secure USB drive in the world. The new SafeStick flash drive, which is a FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated secure drive, is capable of securing up to 64GB of data and, available now, is the first product powered by BlockMaster’s FIPS validated BM-C1000 cryptographic module. Just as its predecessors, the SafeStick FIPS helps you (no matter who you are) to eliminate the inherent risks involved with portable USB drives and keeps your sensitive data safe and secure at all times.

Not sure you’ll ever see, from us, a flash drive in the shape of an Impala that jumps up and down (with hydraulics), or a SafeStick that can pop off bottle caps at a frat party, or sing Bette Midler’s greatest hits…But what you will get from us are SafeConsoleReady flash drives that feature the speed, usability and safety you need; flash drives that protect you, and everything important to you (no matter what it is); and flash drives that can be managed safely and securely – no matter the circumstance – by our industry-best SafeConsole management system, which allows for comprehensive tracking, remote kill and password reset for your protection…
Sorry to say, but your Bruce Lee flash drive can’t protect you with kung fu power when it ends up in someone else’s hands…When it comes to USB flash drives as a productivity tool, the key is to PROTECT YOURSELF. Worry about style when it’s time to buy new shoes…

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