Your employees are not ninjas! Here’s how to protect them (and yourself)

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You hire many employees throughout all of the departments within your organization, and you hire them for myriad different reasons. Folks in HR need the ability to regulate; the guys and gals in Sales need to know how to engage people and put prospects at ease (so they can feel comfortable while they are cutting a fat check); Management requires skin thick enough to allow them to operate with all the burden on their shoulders, the ability to make sound decisions and – like a mother hawk – be able to focus sharply on the broad, overall picture while at the same time demonstrating the ability to identify a potential threat or a weakness from a mile away and take an appropriate course of action…

Your People Are Not Ninjas

There are other employees your enterprise will rely on heavily, and none of them – including anyone mentioned above (not even management) – were hired for having the awareness, hand-eye coordination or field training of a grizzled special-ops veteran.

In short…your people are not ninjas.

Their discipline is imperfect. They are going to make mistakes; they are going to make bad decisions…

They are going to accidentally delete reports. They are going to engage, here and there, in questionable office behavior. They are going to swing and miss, on occasion, and they are likely to offer up work that is sometimes not up the standard you feel should be met. And, perhaps most harmfully (considering high-tech advancements), they are going to lose and misplace things!

New Times Calls For New Protection

Now, in 1987, for instance, there were a different set of workplace tools. Companies, no doubt, still had important, confidential data which likely had to be transported now and again. That might have been accomplished with the use of a steel-case attaché, or something of the sort… But one thing for certain is that, whatever it was, it would not have been as easy to misplace as a flash drive.

Flash drives are being increasingly relied on as a convenient and quick way to store data. They are inexpensive and powerful and are considered – almost across the board by workforce administrators – to be a highly useful productivity tool within any organization. That said, they are also small and quite easy to lose and are, increasingly, the target of techno-predators. Our recent survey of more than 1,000 UK office workers revealed that nearly of a quarter of those questioned had lost an unprotected USB drive that stored sensitive company information.

Give Employees Full Control, Without The Risk For Mistakes

Your employees are your lifeblood. Encourage them. Motivate them. Inspire them. Benefit from them…

But they are also imperfect.

Protect them, and yourself, by relying on BlockMaster’s SafeConsoleReady technology. SafeConsoleReady devices instantly protect all stored data, automatically, with hardware encryption and proven password protection powered the available management features of SafeConsole.

BlockMaster’s intended mission is to provide customers with full control over their portable storage devices, allowing secure flash drives to remain a leaned-on productivity tool, and freeing up your employees (and for that matter, users of every kind) with the leeway to be appreciated, valued and productive; just by being their imperfect selves…

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