Negligence, malice can be handcuffed with our SafeConsole USB management application

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Ladies and gentlemen, we live in an era in which malice has, unfortunately, become a pretty significant part of the global discussion. All you have to do to have a better understanding of what I am saying is to quickly scan the day’s headlines…Malice is everywhere, and it has even been, increasingly, rearing its ugly head in the corporate world.

In the good old days (if you can remember back that far) malice in the workplace usually was manifested in ways that were relatively non-threatening. Disgruntled employees found their revenge by bad-mouthing their superiors at the water cooler, or by stealing staple guns, rubber cement, boxes of paper clips and myriad other office supplies – and if an employee ever became gravely dissatisfied with their lot, they were likely to just leave without giving their two weeks’ notice.

Needless to say, all of the above transgressions pale in comparison to what goes on nowadays – with malice such an unshakeable and irrevocable part of our global psyche, and databases of information so vulnerable to tampering from the inside.

In our day and age, disgruntled workers know exactly how to hit a company hard; hack into a system and destroy valuable electronic data. So prevalent is this form of malice in the workplace that many risk management specialists and commercial insurance brokers seriously recommend that employers purchase comprehensive CyberInsurance as a method of minimizing the damages and mitigating the losses caused so often by disgruntled workers-turned-electronic saboteurs.

And, although malice plays such a big role in the need for granular, USB management within your organization, it’s not alone…Negligence is, perhaps, an even greater contributor to a workplace environment in which your sensitive and confidential data is, pretty much, constantly at great risk. Employees are constantly losing USB flash drives which contain valuable, private data – thereby putting company information at risk.

And when it comes to negligence, it’s not just happening at Clowny Town Inc. or at organizations that are lax in monitoring and enforcing their hiring standards. In fact, a recent presentation by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (, demonstrated that many federal agencies in the U.S. – including the departments of Commerce, Education, Transportation and Veterans Affairs, along with the Census Bureau, the Navy and the Social Security Administration – appeared multiple times on a list of organizations that lost private, or secret data. So, when it comes to negligence, we’re not just talking about Jeff Spicoli’s the world over…

Once more to the breach…

Negligence, possibly even more than malice, is a prevailing tendency in the modern workforce – and those who don’t make an effort to better protect their corporate data, by acknowledging and dealing with negligence, are bound to – much like those who don’t study history – repeat the same mistakes again and again.

The good news, though, is that part of the solution is as clear as day…

While malice and negligence in the workplace are almost certainly at all-time highs, the fact is that there are specific ways to deal with these tendencies – not the least of which is investing in a security application such as our SafeConsole USB management platform.

SafeConsole allows organizations to have complete, granular control over every USB flash drive within their organization. If a flash drive is reported as missing, or if someone makes an attempt to steal one of the drives within your network, you will not simply be left hanging in the wind (only to find out, later, the nature and depth of the breach). With SafeConsole, you can be proactive in protecting the sensitive information your employees carry on their USB flash drives.

SafeConsole allows for comprehensive remote management of all of your network flash drives, and can cost-effectively help you solve the problem of employee negligence, once and for all. To err is human, but to fail to turn over every stone in trying to prevent error, is just plain negligent.

You’re not running Clowny Town Inc. – take your sensitive data seriously, invest in a safer, more productive USB management application TODAY!

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