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We don’t need to weave you a fantastic tale for you to understand why it is important, in this day and age, to rely solely on USB flash drives that offer automatic encryption and password-strength protection.

Everyone understands the inherent security threats involved when employees of an organization are using non-secured USB devices.

But life (and business) is not just about blood and guts and tragedy. That said, ‘fear’ does not need to be (and, in fact, should not be) the only motivating factor when it comes to the implementation and management of secure USB systems. At BlockMaster, we understand this – which is precisely why we put just as much focus into the continued development and perfection of our SafeConsole USB device management system.

The best decisions are not fear-based. They are, instead, made with productivity and positivity in mind.

Secure USB Drives Are Not Enough In Their Own

So keep in mind the following notes on central USB management productivity the next time you scratch your head in wonderment when someone tells you that the use of secured USB drives is simply not, in its own, enough.

First of all, SafeConsole is not about putting the fear in your mind. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. SafeConsole is all about opening doors and showing you just how much you can do with the technology. With SafeConsole, you can start to focus more on ways of enhancing productivity – which is, at the end of the day, how business gets better; not by cutting things out, but by implementing and incorporating the right tools.

SafeConsole is a truly powerful productivity tool in more ways than one. Firstly, SafeConsole – in helping you to manage your secure USB drives – helps you to protect your investment. It reduces the cost of dealing with lost data because it enhances the backup capabilities within your organization and keeps track, automatically, of all your entire inventory of devices. In this way, SafeConsole helps with costs AND control – which is rare to find in a USB management system.

SafeConsole further enables productivity by offering a full suite of productivity tools – including those which allow for portable application delivery and file distribution. File sharing within an organization can be trickier than a tight wire. You need to have an efficient and timely method of file-sharing, but the more efficient, convenient and timely a file-sharing solution is, the more exposure and inherent risk that is involved.

Get In Ahead Of The Curve

With SafeConsole, files can be sent remotely, and instantly, by an authorized network administrator, to verified SafeConsoleReady devices. Sensitive data is delivered securely via two-way, certificate-based SSL authentication – which ensures that your workforce can be up-to-date and ready to meet client requests with the most current information. You don’t need an MBA to understand the value here.

Further, files in transit are compressed, which improves installation and transfer times and reduces bandwidth usage, and the ability for administrators to deploy solutions to mobile workers greatly enhances the productivity of said administrator and said workers in the field. Translation: productivity through and through…

FYI, the need for centralized USB device management is just as much of a given as the need for secure USB flash drives. You still have time to get in ahead of the curve….

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    August 24, 2011

    This brings many security issues to light that most people do not see nor understand. Thank you very much for this Anders.

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