RMF and flash drives made for each other, but what about security?

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There is little doubting the fact that digital media plays a much greater role in business communications than it did, say, three or four years ago.Today, digital media is central in delivering the content needed to fortify business processes – which are indisputably driven by information and your varying capacities in delivering it (which, for all intent and purpose, determines your scope).

Although digital media content was, in the past (say, the same three or four years ago) considered something of a specialty, these same deliverables are now viewed as core to the mission of the modern business. Marketing, customer support, product development, recruiting and employee training, just to name a few, are areas that are increasingly reliant on the ability of a corporation to implement digital content as a business tool with a wide range of effective usage.

Based on this new model, and the projected long-term need for increased Rich Media File capability, corporations will indeed have to place a continuing extra emphasis on the development of graphic imagery, video and audio, and other new and emerging digital applications.

Which is great news for everyone…right?

Well, sure. Although, it seriously begs the question:

Where will all of this rich media be stored?

Clearly, with corporations relying more and more on digital media files as a core part of their ability to dispense information, USB flash drives have become a key productivity tool in the ability to store and speedily access such files.

But as cost-effective, portable and convenient as flash drives can be, they present a specific security challenge that relates to the fact that they are, as well, easy to misplace and often lost.

How Can You Increase Reliance?

As most USB flash drives are not outfitted with comprehensive encryption and other security features, a conundrum is materializing right now, that should easily be clear to you before the culmination of this paragraph: How do we justify the increased reliance in, and usage of, a system of data storage that poses substantial security challenges?

The answer is also crystal-clear and straightforward:

Get the right USB flash device.

SafeConsoleReady Devices feature automatic encryption, strong password protection and password management – available with SafeConsole Management Software. Whether you are an employee of a Fortune 500 company, or a regular Joe Blow from Paramus, the fact is that flash drive storage will eventually be a primary tool toward your ability to safely and securely store all of your sensitive and confidential data.

The size alone of rich media files is game-changer in terms of moving and storing data – and the increasing capacity of USB flash drives makes USB and RMF a match made, possibly, in heaven. But there are direct risks…

Choose your tools wisely.





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