Tamper-evident Protection for High Value Government Data

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When it comes to data breach, few organizations have as much to lose as governmental ones. The simple act of misplacing a USB drive will not only cause you to lose important, high value information – if the data stored on that drive ends up in the wrong hands, you can lose public trust, put citizens at risk, and suddenly find yourself in the middle of a PR scandal. And lost public trust is about as easy to regain as a drop of water lost in the ocean.  20 million unprotected USB drives go missing every year, and many of those are government flash drives. Add to this equation the evolving technology of data theft, and the conclusion is as easy as ABC. This is a matter that needs to be on top of the priority list.

So, how does one work proactively to avoid the risk? Secure USB flash drives are an essential pillar of a comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) strategy. The security must be implemented in the hardware in order to combat the evolving threat landscape. Gartner’s “A Buyer’s Guide to Secure USB Flash” (2011) digs into the importance of organizations requiring some form of certification to provide assurance that the encryption approach device architecture is of a high standard. It is vital to ensure that the device is actually certified, and be wary of any claims that it meets the requirements without actually having proven this via certification.

When it comes to this kind of certifications, FIPS reigns supreme. The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 publication is a joint effort by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States, and the Communications Security Establishment (CSEC) for the Canadian government. FIPS 140-2 describes the requirements that must be satisfied by a cryptographic module used in a security system that protects unclassified information within IT systems.

Today, BlockMaster are proud to release SafeStick® FIPS  – FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated.

When storing high-value data, the tamper-evident SafeStick FIPS is ideal for your organization. With your data stored on the hardware-encrypted SafeStick FIPS, it is always protected from unauthorized access. SafeStick FIPS is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated. Accredited outside testing guarantees the top-of-the-line protection required for sensitive data. With the many features of SafeStick FIPS, you can rest assured that you never have to suffer from the often devastating consequences of data breach. SafeStick FIPS is the third member of BlockMaster’s managed secure USB flash drives, preceded by SafeStick, the first and original secure USB drive that was awarded UK government certification CESG Claims Tested Mark last year.

SafeStick FIPS drives can also be remotely managed worldwide on an enterprise scale, with proven SafeConsole® management.

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